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The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel

The Legal Forum for Israel – founded in 2004 in order to protect the rights of residents of Gush Katif and northern Samaria in the wake of the Disengagement – is today at the forefront of the legal activism needed to protect the Zionist enterprise. The Forum’s small legal and administrative staff coordinates a very large range of projects in the field, with the support of an active volunteer membership numbering 350 legal professionals. With the help of these volunteers, the Forum’s in-house attorneys draft policy reports, lobby Knesset members, appeal Supreme Court rulings, and appear in the media. 

Our Mission:

  1. Preserve Jewish assests. 
  2. Advocated Civil Rights.
  3. Reform the Israeli Judicial system. 
  4. Strengthen Zionist culture. 
  5. Eliminate government corruption and police brutality. 

Download the Legal Forum for Israel brochure.