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A New Government – New Opportunities

There are many new things beginning with the government that is taking shape, however undoubtedly the greatest expectation is the change in the Defense Ministry and the appointment of a new Minister.

Above everything else, the Defense Minister is considered the sovereign in Judea and Samaria, and it is our hope that the new Minister Moshe Yaalon will act to protect the national interests in these areas and protect the rights of the Jewish citizens residing there.

The Legal Forum has prepared a detailed work plan that is to be submitted to the new Minister in order to prevent what has been made very clear by the Levy Commission Report – Clear racial discrimination in all matters relating to land in Judea and Samaria.

There are currently many laws which discriminate only against Jewish people who wish to purchase land or construct in this area. The Jordanian law (still enforced today) prevents anyone who is not a citizen of the Hashemite Kingdom to purchase land, however this law is not enforced when it comes to Arabs. The only way that Jewish people may acquire land is through corporations. This is just one example of many orders and directives designed for one purpose – to prevent Jews from building or purchasing land and developing these areas.

The Legal Forum is also requesting that the new Defense Minister allow the general public to review the Civil Administration’s databases which provide detailed information on property rights in Judea and Samaria. Additionally the Forum is demanding that the land survey of Judea and Samaria be completed after many years, which will prevent Arabs from making a claim to land which does not belong to them.

The significance of appointing a Defense Minister with Zionist views is in the need to immediately correct the injustices which arose from the Levy Commission, and which the Legal Forum has been claiming and fighting against for years. Sponsored by the Ministry of Defense which is the sovereign in these areas, the state of Israel in the name of international law, has inconceivably deprived Jews and Israelis who want to live in their country of the rights with draconian tools and with no regard to justice and the law.

This is the time to work together with the new Minister and bring about much needed change, and to encourage communities in Judea and Samaria to strengthen and flourish. The Legal Forum will continue to act to provide the legal infrastructure necessary to the Ministry with the help of its volunteer and activists, which will serve to protect the human rights of the Jewish residents in these areas and ensure that the Jewish identity of the state of Israel is strengthened.


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