The Legal Forum
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Our Story
Israel’s judicial system has a definitive impact on the country’s character and identity. Although it is a fundamental part of the democratic structure, it often operates with a lack of transparency, leaving the general public uninformed about the considerations behind its rulings, its decision-making process and its nominations. This has created an imbalance between Israel’s three authorities - the legislative, the administrative and the judicial, leading to a disruption in the country’s checks and balances and to the gradual deterioration of the public’s trust in the judicial system. The Legal Forum sees the balance between Israel’s three authorities as crucial to defending civil rights and maintaining Israel’s Zionist and democratic identity and therefore works to restore the balance, strengthen the public’s trust in the judicial system and influence Israel’s internal policy utilizing legal, legislative, parliamentary and public tools.
Our Vision
The Legal Forum aims to defend civil rights in Israel, ensure sound governance, protect the country’s and the Jewish people’s national interests, promote Zionist values in Israeli society and lead reforms in the judicial system. The Legal Forum’s members include over 370 lawyers, economists and professionals in various fields, working together voluntarily with a shared sense of common mission.
The Legal Forum was established in 2004 as a non-parliamentary organization seeking to minimize the damages of Israel’s disengagement from Gush Katif and Northern Samaria through legal means. The Legal Forum’s representatives took part in various Knesset committees, submitted Supreme Court petitions and represented the residents throughout the process. Following the conclusion of the disengagement, The Legal Forum had expanded its fields of operation to protecting civil rights, ensuring sound governance and safeguarding Israel’s and the Jewish people’s national interests.