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The Legal Forum Acting to Prevent Transfer of Supplies to Gaza

As these lines are written we are informed that a ceasefire has been called, however, as we know from past experiences it is now more than ever that we must be on our guard and ensure that our leaders remember that it is their duty to strengthen the state of Israel’s Jewish identity and ensure that Israel remains strong against its enemies. As the Hamas attacks on Israel entered their second week and rockets have fallen in central Israel the Legal Forum has been very active in handling various urgent issues regarding the escalating circumstances. We are witness to thousands of citizens who are unable to go to work, send their children to school and go about their daily lives, and the Legal Forum has been examining various laws regarding employee rights during this time to ensure workers’ rights are protected. There are several laws to deal with situations of this nature and as part of the Forum’s agenda we are working to ensure the basic human rights of the citizens of the state of Israel are preserved. The Legal Forum has opened a hotline for citizens wishing to find out what their legal rights are with regard to employee rights at this time and is available to assist with questions that may arise. The Legal Forum has also sent a letter urging Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to prevent transfer of funds and goods to the Gaza strip, including humanitarian it is cear the monies are going straight to Hamas and not to the population who actually need it It is clear to all that the humanitarian considerations are first and foremost, yet it is the Israeli government’s responsibility to protect and care for its citizens, putting their needs above those of the terrorists in Gaza. It is unimaginable that at a time when the IDF soldiers are standing by and waiting to enter Gaza in order to prevent further attacks on the people of Israel, that the government should assist these terrorists to arm themselves and receive any type of humanitarian assistance. This is an absurd situation when Hamas is firing missiles at Israel – we are continuing to feed and aid them, yet simultaneously sending our soldiers to fight and endanger their lives. Instead of helping to strengthen the Hamas regime, Israel must stop all aid to the Gaza Strip, cut the electricity and phone lines, and stop all supplies of any kind in order to put a stop to the terrorism and warfare against the citizens of Israel. The Legal Forum will examine all legal options available in order to achieve this and will use any legal proceedings this might entail. One important detail to note is that according to various government offices the financial cost of this military operation is close to 3 billion NIS. Taking into account the cost of recruiting army reserves, the damage to the economy and lost work days, and the utilization of the metal dome, this financial burden will eventually take its toll on all the citizens of Israel. There are many legal issues to consider and it is our duty to monitor the government’s behavior and actions in order to ensure that it is acting in the interests of the residents of Israel.


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